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quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Finance Reforms 'Must Help Poor'

“Leaders of French-speaking nations have said the needs of the poorest countries must be considered in any long-term solution to the financial crisis. Speaking at the Francophonie summit in Quebec City, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said it was essential for developing nations to have access to free markets. …

With representatives from Africa, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and south-east Asia, as well as two of the G8 richest nations, the Francophonie summit was billed as the first North-South meeting since the financial and market turmoil erupted. At the end of the meeting, delegates for the 55 member states unanimously backed a call by President Sarkozy for reform of the capitalist system and for more discussions to tackle the global economic crisis. …” [BBC News (UK, 10-20)]

Xinhua notes that “…In their final declaration, issued at the closing ceremony Sunday afternoon, the world leaders called for an international summit on the current global financial turmoil. …The IOF will actively participate in the enhancement of the international financial system to make it ‘more consistent,’ and support a reform aimed at improving ‘transparency, integrity and banking strength of the global economic governance.’ …” [Xinhua (10-20)/Factiva]

AP writes that Harper said that “…in devising a solution, ‘the needs of the whole planet will be taken into account, and not just the needs of richer countries.’ Harper also stressed that the world's developed countries must fight protectionism on trade issues, warning that there will be major consequences if trade barriers are erected. …” [The Associated Press (10/19)/Factiva]

AFP reports that “The world's French-speaking nations, rich and poor, at a summit seized by global financial woes called for multilateral crisis talks, agreed to cut CO2 emissions and defend the French language. …The crisis talks, said the Francophonie, must keep in mind the needs of developing nations. And they must not undermine major UN efforts to eradicate poverty, fight against the effects of climate change and address a food crisis, urged member heads of state and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. …

At its close, the Francophonie summit reaffirmed its backing of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, and pledged to help cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. As well, it promised a ‘concerted francophone position’ for upcoming climate change conferences in Poznan in December and Copenhagen in 2009. …” [Agence France Presse (10/19)/Factiva]

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